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The annual exhibition and fair «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha» dedicated to wooden house construction and countryside living ended on 19 May.

Advancements in wooden house engineering and building technologies, as well as minor wooden structures were displayed at «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha» to please those who love natural environment and who live or want to live in a cozy private wooden country house. Visitors had opportunities to see latest interior and landscape design solutions.

Supporters of the exhibition include the Forestry Department for the Ural Federal District, the Union of timber manufacturers and exporters of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ural Union of timber manufacturers and the non-commercial partnership Wooden house building of the Urals.

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This spring show annually brings specialists and Ekaterinburg locals together. In 2017, it was visited by about 7000 people. During the show visitors had opportunities to get competent advice from architects, engineers, designers and decorators. Everyone could access master class to get new skills. Discussions and business contacts at the exhibition have created a base for further development of companies for the year to come.

«DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha» 2017 featured over 110 exhibitors from 20 Russian cities and towns, including Ekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Nizhniy Tagil etc. The core part of the show was represented by exhibitors from the Ural region.


Outdoor area with houses, bathhouses, gazebos and interior solutions for countryside living drew visitors’ particular attention. The indoor display area provoked lively interest as well, showcasing the full range of technologies and materials for wooden house construction, plumbing and heating installations for private houses and pieces of art handmade from wood by craftsmen.

To explore forestry and the woodworking industry further, we invite you to LESPROM-URAL Professional taking place within the GRAND EXPO-URAL Week in late September this year. GRAND EXPO-URAL  comprises 4 international specialized fairs - LESPROM-URAL Professional, EXPOMEBEL-URAL, AQUAPROM-URAL and UTILIZATION – and a number of international events organized alongside the fairs, such as the Matchmaking event, Symposium on Timber Processing, etc.). Russia’s leading exhibitions for the woodworking and furniture industries, LESPROM-URAL Professional (established in 2014) and EXPOMEBEL-URAL (established in 2006) shape the core of GRAND EXPO-URAL. In 2016, AQUAPROM-URAL and UTILIZATION were added to GRAND EXPO-URAL to cover new themes of interest.

In 2018, the Interregional exhibition company-Ural will stage «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha» in mid-May.

Opening ceremony of DEREVO+ 2017


During DEREVO+ 2017


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