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2017 support and greetings

«DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha», the annual ecological exhibition and fair, is officially supported by key state authorities and trade unions.

The media coverage has been provided by leading industry and information medias.

Official support:

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Forestry Department for the Ural federal district
Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia
Ural Union of Timber Manufacturers
Wooden house construction of Urals, non-profit partnership

Welcome address for exhibitors and visitors to the Ural ecological exhibition and fair

Exhibition Management Committee of «DEREVO+ House Cottage Dacha»

We are happy to welcome you to the annual May exhibition in Ekaterinburg!

The spring event «DEREVO+ HOUSE  COTTAGE  DACHA» has been traditionally held in the exhibition and fair format which appeals to a wide audience of end-consumers.

140 Russian companies from 20 cities and towns will showcase technologies, tools, materials and a lot more for wooden house construction and the forest industry. A significant part of the display is occupied by companies who represent engineering systems for wooden homes, which are particularly in demand during summer when people yearn to spend time in countryside and plan to renovate their country homes. Attractive decorations made of wood for living spaces and outdoor areas, designer creations, landscape design and ideas for garden and yard arrangement can be found at our exhibition. Ural craftsmen’s works are widely represented at the exhibition as well.

The variety of displayed categories creates the complete picture of today’s technologies used in wooden house construction and countryside arrangement.

Organized by the Interregional exhibition company-Ural together with its reliable partner - the Ural State Forest Engineering University (USFEU), a leading Russia’s university providing industry specific education, this annual spring exhibition and fair is deservedly considered by the locals as a trustworthy event.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the events designed by the USFEU to teach how to take care of nature, preserve Russian forests and to get school children and teenagers interested in woodworking. Professionals will have opportunities to meet their colleagues, find out about new technologies and solutions and discuss topical issues related to the forestry and the woodworking industry.

Following this May exhibition, the world of timber will be in focus at the professional exhibitions «LESPROM-Ural Professional» and «EXPOMEBEL-Ural», which will take place on 22-25 September at the exhibition center Ekaterinburg-Expo.

We wish you efficient experience at the exhibition!

Chancellor of USFEU, President of the Ural union of timber manufacturers

On behalf of the Ural state forest engineering university and the Ural union of timber manufacturers, I congratulate exhibitors on the successful opening of the specialized exhibition «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha»!

Today, the Ural region is a leader in construction of individual houses. New technologies have been successfully implemented and above all, great attention has been paid to wooden house construction projects. Ural citizens choose eco-friendly, clean, reliable and comfortable materials and solutions, which is certainly one of the effects this exhibition has created.

This event is the result of our successful cooperation with the Interregional exhibition company-Ural which brings us all together and provides professionals and the business community with the opportunity to find out about latest trends and new products and discuss arousing issues together with representatives of state and local government.

The key objective of the exhibition is to extend business contacts, as well as to increase local population’s interest in the wood house construction, latest power supply technologies and public services designed for an individual house. This exhibition has already earned good reputation and we expect it will help to attract more Russian and international partners to the Ural region in the future.

I wish new successful business contacts, profitable contracts and stronger partner relations to all exhibitors!

Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region

Dear colleagues and exhibitors! On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region, I congratulate you on the opening of the ecological exhibition and fair!

The Sverdlovsk region is rich with natural resources, and forests are part of our wealth. Forests provides thousands of people with job, and people use wood to make a great range of products and of course to build homes!

The annual exhibition «DEREVO+ House Cottage Dacha» has earned the reputation of an outstanding event in the Sverdlovsk region’s life and it features leading company that specialize in the construction, investment and real estate sectors.

Bringing together professionals of the woodworking industry every year, the exhibition provides visitors with a great opportunity to access all offers available on the wooden house building market.

The out-of-town real estate market has been growing in Russia every year. Today citizens impatiently look for weekend so they could escape to nature. More and more people want to build their own country house, considering a modern, comfortable and eco-friendly wooden home. Nowadays, wood is a very versatile construction material with virtually limitless potential and I am confident that this exhibition will once again prove this fact.

Today our challenge is not only to maintain the level the low-rise construction has reached in recent years, but also to get ready for transition to cheaper and energy efficient materials and up-to-date engineering and building technologies.

I am glad that one single exhibition venue covers the whole world of wooden house construction, from engineering to the choice of technologies to be implemented for turn-key construction and landscape design arrangement!

I wish efficient business communication, new contacts and reliable partners to all exhibitors, visitors and organizers of this exhibition and fair!

Director of the Department for the Ural Federal District

Dear organizers, exhibitors and visitors!

The Federal Forestry Agency represented by the Forestry Department for the Ural Federal District congratulates you on the opening of the exhibition «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha» in Ekaterinburg! It is symbolic that this exhibition begins shortly before and will end on the All-Russian Forest Planting Day, on the 16th of May. Wood materials have always been and are the No.1 product for the wooden house construction. Russian’s nature has generously granted us this versatile renewable resource.

Today, the Ural Federal District faces the challenge to increase forestry’s efficiency for further development of Russia’s economy and social service, including production of import substituting products. It is crucial for us to make all efforts to use the huge economic potential our forestry possesses as efficiently as possible while ensuring safety and growth of Russian green wealth.

We have all necessary means to achieve these goals. Amendments to the forestry and administrative legislation initiated by the Federal Forestry Agency allow to significantly decrease shady timber turnover, strengthen forestry discipline, ensure timely payments to the state budget. Honest businessmen see it as a good sign and expand the line of products they manufacture which are in high demand in the domestic consumer market and abroad, in Russia’s regular partner countries.

The exhibition facilitates constructive dialogue and skill exchange between specialists of the woodworking, building, furniture manufacturing industries and the forestry.

During a few days, exhibitors and visitors will have opportunities to find out about latest projects and technical solutions in the woodworking industry. Beyond all doubt, it will give an impetus to the development of Russian companies specializing in the of wooden house construction, bio energy and furniture manufacture. The exhibition will help to foster relations with colleagues, expand professional and personal contacts and increase investment attractiveness of the Ural timber processing industry.
I wish you all successful accomplishment of projects, business development and well-being!

Vice President of the Union of timber manufacturers and exporters of Russia
General director of OJSC Centerlesexpo

Dear exhibitors and visitors to the Ural ecological exhibition and fair «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha»!

On behalf of the Union of timber manufacturers and exporters of Russia and the specialized exhibition company OJSC Centerlesexpo, I am pleased to welcome you to the annual Ural ecological exhibition and fair «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha».

The timber processing industry is a key sector of the Russia’s economy, providing products that are used in almost every sector of the national economy. Russia possesses the world’s largest timber resources. However, in the past few years, despite its great potential, the timber industry and the actual value of forest management, production and domestic consumption of the most important categories of timber and paper products have not been complying with the efficient management standards established by the forestry and the timber industry. Russian timber processing companies are in need of latest technologies, up-to-date equipment and high tech machines as existing equipment is run-down and needs upgrading.

The exhibition and fair «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha» gives an opportunity to its participants and visitors to find out about advances in building technologies for wooden houses and minor wooden structures.

There is no doubt that the exhibition and fair «DEREVO+  House  Cottage  Dacha» will provide exhibitors with the real opportunity to announce their prospects, find new customers, help to strengthen business links between Russian and foreign manufacturers and traders. I wish every business success and prosperity to all exhibitors, organizers and guests! 

President of the Non-Commerical Partnership «Wooden House Construction of the Urals»

Dear guests and colleagues!

Over last five years, the out-of-town real estate market has become an indicator of general economic and political situation in Russia. As soon as Russian economy is shaken, out-of-town sales are the first ones to fall. This fact is unquestionable. Another obvious thing is that the fall is followed by the rise.

Now, as the spring begins, the out-of-town real estate market already observes a positive trend in demand. Those who want to have a country house realize that when affordable offers will run out by the end of 2015, the prices will go higher. In this regard, this annual exhibition organized by the Interregional exhibition company-Ural in May is quite well-timed. Thank you to the organizer!

I wish success, fortunate meetings and contracts to each and all, to colleagues and guests!

President of the NP MebUr

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the non-profit partnership Mebelshchiki Urala (MebUr), I welcome exhibitors and guests to the Ural ecological exhibition and fair «DEREVO+ House Cottage Dacha».

The timber industry plays an important role in the economy of Russia and Urals, possessing the world’s richest timber resources. To make competitive products, national forestry is in need of innovative technologies and advanced equipment, qualified staff and sufficient investments.

The development of the construction industry, access to new construction materials and technologies, low-rise house building are key factors for Russian regions’ development. And wooden house building is among these factors. Any house, or a summer cottage cannot be inhabited if it is not furnished.

Original designer furniture is a fabulous choice if you want to create an exclusive interior. Whether furniture you choose features original design, eye-catching look, unusual shapes, offbeat style and unique functionality, today all your dreams can come true. Now designer furniture is in high demand, because consumers want to stand out. As we all know, wooden furniture is eco-friendly and safe. Moreover, furniture made of natural wood helps to improve health.

I think this exhibition and fair will help exhibitors find solutions for many challenging issues the industry has been recently facing, promote technologies that could substitute imported goods into the Ural and Russian markets, as well as establish new business contacts.

I am confident that this 2015 exhibition will perform this task successfully.

I wish you efficient experience at the exhibition, new promising projects, every success and well-being.


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