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15-18 September 2020 | IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO

International specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for industrial and household waste management UTILIZATION covers one of the hottest topics in the GRAND EXPO-URAL portfolio, despite the fact that it was first staged in September, 2016. And this is not only because 2017 has been announced as the Year of the Environment in Russia, but also because this topic immediately aroused keen interest among both professionals and ordinary Ural region’s citizens. That proves the urgency of issues associated with environmental safety, adequate handling of industrial and household wastes, and protection of forest and water resources.
As an exhibition of equipment and technologies for industrial and household waste management, UTILIZATION is your effective platform for demonstrating modern green technologies and products used in your plant, in urban areas or in everyday life, for presenting your research and practical works in the environment and waste management fields, and for having professional discussions on current environmental challenges faced by Russia.

The exhibition will take place on 15-18 September 2020 in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

 Exhibition statistics 2018
  • 32 exhibitors and brands
  • Regions: Sverdlovsk region – 44%, other regions of Russia – 44%, international – 13%
  • 4 countries: Russia, Germany, Austria, South Corea
  • Gross space: 800 sqm
  • Net space: 457 sqm
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