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Greetings for participants and guests of the 2016 September exhibitions

First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region,
Minister of Investments and Development of the Sverdlovsk region

On behalf of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and personally, I am pleased to greet the exhibitors, organizers and visitors to the International specialized exhibitions «LESPROM-URAL Professional», «EXPOMEBEL-URAL», «AQUAPROM-URAL» and «UTILIZATION»!

Forest resources are among the bases of the Sverdlovsk region’s development, that is why the Government pays its special attention to sector. The Sverdlovsk region’s timber resources are enough to expand the forest management capacity and to develop woodworking companies. Our task is to preserve the forest resources for future generations in a better condition, than we have them today.

Today we need to actively implement technologies for rational forest resources management, adopt the latest ways of integrated wood processing, and give serious attention to restoration of forest areas.

GRAND EXPO-URAL promotes modern innovative technologies of forest management and timber harvesting, HVAC&R equipment and industrial and household waste management which is one of the crucial environmental challenges.

As we all know, the Sverdlovsk region traditionally has strong links with foreign countries. And GRAND EXPO-URAL, the autumn week of specialized exhibitions and international forums, proves it once again. In 2016, the exhibition brought together more than 200 companies, 44 Russian cities and 7 foreign countries. These are companies involved in forest, furniture and timber-processing industry, HVAC&R manufacturers and producers of equipment for industrial and household waste collection and processing (incl. Russia, Germany, Austria, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Latvia, Belarus etc.).

One of the exhibitors is the German Pavilion representing manufacturers of timber-processing equipment and advanced technologies for forestry, as well as several large associations from Turkey: Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers, Woodworking Machinery and Side Industries Businessmen Association, etc.

These September exhibitions, as usual, gather at one venue governmental officials and representatives of the regional business, science and industry. The event-packed business program of the exhibitions will help the participants and visitors to establish and strengthen their business relations, to get to know brand-new equipment for forestry, timber-processing and furniture industries, as well as HVAC&R and waste management sectors.

I wish productive and interesting experience, success and prosperity to all of you!

Director of the Forestry Department for the Ural Federal District

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of The Federal Forestry Agency, I welcome you at International specialized exhibition «LESPROM-URAL Professional», which traditionally includes a show of technical innovations for timber harvesting and wood-processing industries, discussions on topical problems related to forest management, cultivation of careful attitude towards nature.

The Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleshoz) will hold an extended industry session about forest restoration on the 21th of September within the Eurasian Timber-Processing Forum. We invite everyone who is interested in this topic, to participate in a straightforward and professional talk about Russian forest future and challenges faced by this sensitive subject, as well as sharing experiences. We need a coordinated effort of all organizations involved in the forest field, continuous transfer of knowledge, skills and know-how, creation of effective interaction patterns.

I wish fruitful meetings, successful presentations of modern equipment and technologies, new contacts and discoveries, which would help to find new opportunities for further development and evolution, to all exhibitors and guests.

Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region

Dear participants and guests of the GRAND EXPO-URAL Specialized Exhibitions Week!

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk Region, I am happy to welcome all the participants, organizers and visitors to the GRAND EXPO-URAL Specialized Exhibitions Week!

Our region has been making important steps to ensure rapid growth of the timber processing sector. We carry out initiatives and activities to increase the region’s investment appeal and to encourage innovative development of existing and new timber-processing enterprises, including with federal and regional state support.

Regional timber manufacturers are now focused on deep timber processing. It is evident that the wood cannot be processed effectively without high-tech innovative technologies and equipment. I am glad to note that today a number of big and top-priority investment projects in the forest management sector have been carried out in the Sverdlovsk region. Participants of GRAND EXPO-URAL have an opportunity to know each other and boost their business, which surely will lead to further economic growth of the entire timber industry of the Sverdlovsk region as a whole.

I am sure that these four exhibition days will bring together leading manufacturers and professionals of the timber-processing industry. Ekaterinburg attracts forestry professionals both from Russia and from abroad. At the trade shows you could discover leading machine builders, timber-processing, woodworking and furniture companies, as well as receive governmental advice from authorities responsible for the forest sector of the Sverdlovsk region.

I wish all the exhibitors, guests and organizers to establish new business contacts and further fruitful cooperation!

President of VDMA German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the VDMA – the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers’ Association - I have pleasure in greeting you as honoured visitors, participants and organizers of «LESPROM-Ural 2016».

German manufacturers of woodworking machinery consider the prospects for the Russian timber industry to be excellent on into the long-term, as it presses ahead with modernization. There is huge potential for sawmill and wood-based product technology with ongoing improvement in infrastructure in the forestry industry. And we are expecting growth to continue across all manufacturing sectors as well. There is huge demand for contemporary furniture in particular. Products such as wooden flooring, building components, including doors, windows, staircases etc., as well as timber-built houses are in ever-increasing demand.

Traditionally, German machine manufacturers are strong, significant and reliable partners for the Russian industry. Business partnerships have often existed many decades and have been extremely successful for both parties.

We – that is the German machine manufacturing industry – are delighted to be in a dialogue with our Russian partners. «LESPROM-Ural 2016» is an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas and know-how for a successful wood industry in the Ural region.

Director of the Forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk region

Dear participants and guests of the exhibition!

I cordially welcome you at the international specialist exhibition «LESPROM-URAL Professional». The exhibition history shows that it has become a traditional event for our region. It is eagerly awaited by forestry and woodworking professionals. And there is a reason for that.

The Sverdlovsk region has the second largest area among the Ural Federal District’s entities but it is the only region with more than 80% state woodland coverage. Thanks to our forests exploitation, the federal and regional budget annually gets hundreds of millions of rubles. Timber processing industry’s products represent 3% of gross domestic product of the Sverdlovsk region.

Our common goal is to effectively and carefully manage this renewable natural resource, preserve and multiply it for future generations of the Ural people. Responsibilities relative to forestry relations delegated to the Sverdlovsk region allow us to efficiently gain these objectives.

In addition, another important task is to transfer professional knowledge and skills from foresters and timber manufacturers, to share experience, to create new efficient communication schemes and to ensure the intergenerational continuity in the industry. This exhibition covers all these aspects.

I wish you a constructive and creative atmosphere, efficient work, new business contacts and further fruitful cooperation!

Generalkonsul der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Jekaterinburg

Sehr geehrte Aussteller und Besucher der «LESPROM-Ural Professional»,

ich freue mich außerordentlich, Sie auf dem internationalen Ausstellungsgelände «Jekater-inburg-EXPO» begrüßen zu können. Ungeachtet dessen, dass diese vergleichsweise junge Fachmesse erst zum dritten Mal stattfindet, hat sie sich bereits einen festen Platz im Mes-sekalender erarbeitet. Mit Hinblick auf die nicht einfachen politischen und wirtschaftlichen Gesamtumstände, welche die Messe seit ihrem Start im Jahre 2014 begleiten, ist dies umso beeindruckender.

Auch in diesem Jahr führt sich die fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit deutscher und russischer Institutionen bei Organisation und Durchführung der Messe fort. Dabei freue ich mich ganz konkret über den maßgeblichen Beitrag der Messe Hannover. Auch unter den Austel-lern ist die deutsche Beteiligung hervorzuheben. Mehrere Weltmarktführer aus Deutschland präsentieren ihr Know-how hier im Ural. Der deutsche Gemeinschaftsstand, auf dem Ihnen ein Querschnitt der deutschen Holzwirtschaft präsentiert wird, darf nicht unerwähnt blei-ben. Von Anfang an zog die «LESPROM-Ural Professional» aber auch Teilnehmer aus anderen Ländern an. In diesem Jahr haben schon Aussteller aus mehr als 8 Ländern ihre Teilnahme zugesagt. Dies zeugt einerseits vom nachdrücklichen Willen, den Dialog auf den Gebieten Wirtschaft und Technologie weiter zu vertiefen und beinhaltet auf der anderen Seite ein starkes Bekenntnis zum russischen Markt und zum internationalen Messestandort Jekaterinburg.

Für den nachhaltigen Beitrag, den Sie für die Weiterentwicklung der deutsch-russischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen leisten, möchte ich den Organisatoren und Teilnehmern der Messe von deutscher und russischer Seite ganz herzlich danken. Ich wünsche Ihnen eine erfolg-reiche Messe mit vielen interessanten Gesprächen und neuen Kontakten.

Director of Deutsche Messe AG

Dear participants and guests of «LESPROM-URAL Professional 2016»!

On behalf of one of the largest German exhibition organizers, Deutsche Messe, I am happy to welcome all participants and guests of «LESPROM-URAL Professional 2016».

For more than 60 years Deutsche Messe has been organizing B2B-exhibitions attended by millions of professionals from all over the world.

In 2013, Deutsche Messe AG signed a joint venture agreement with the Russian tradeshow organizer LLC Interregional Exhibition Company-Ural (IEC-Ural) for the staging of «LESPROM-Ural Professional» in Ekaterinburg, Russia. This was the beginning of a successful story in performing events in the Sverdlovsk region. For the third time we are able to organize an official German Country Pavilion. So far we are the only ones in Russia who were able to achieve this in 2016. At the same time we constantly increased the internationality of the show and especially this year I am very proud to present you the first exhibitors coming from Italy in order to do business in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk. Last but not least Lesprom Ural is attracting international governmental officials too. I am very happy to welcome the mayor of the City of Hanover, Mr. Stefan Schostock, at Lesprom Ural this year. The City of Hanover and the region will be presented in their own booth, in order to strengthen the relation between both cities and regions.

All in all it shows, that Lesprom Ural is developing very well and we all shouldn’t forget one important point. One cornerstone of this success story is the constant support of the Sverdlovsk region and its Government. Since Deutsche Messe is playing an active role in Ekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk Government was always an important partner in our activities to promote Ekaterinburg and the region. It helped in all questions regarding internationalization, gave advises and discussed projects with us. Thank you for this support!

«LESPROM-Ural Professional» gives our Russian and international customers out of the primary and secondary wood industries the chance to boost their sales in a region experiencing strong growth, thanks to its local industry.

I am confident that «LESPROM-Ural Professional» will give all exhibitors and visitors excellent opportunities to develop their business in the prospering Russian woodworking market.

I wish all participants and visitors success and a fruitful work!

President of Association of furniture
and woodworking enterprises of Russia

On behalf of the Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia, I welcome exhibitors, guests and organizers of the International specialized exhibition «EXPOMEBEL-URAL» in Ekaterinburg.

The fact that this traditional furniture exhibition takes place in such a dynamic region and gathers so many participants means that the furniture industry is successful and furniture manufacturers have achievements to show. It is natural that business and private customer Interest in both business and household furniture is quite natural. Everyone needs these products.

In Russia furniture industry has got through its reforming period successfully enough, standing up to intensive competition and meeting consumer needs depending on dynamic market environment. Russian furniture-makers have passed through a profound technical re-equipment, mastering of new technical skills, search for reliable partners, investors, dealers and have managed to keep a larger fraction of the internal market, adapting to its uncertainty and variability.

Nowadays the Russian furniture industry faces serious challenges of the time. The market competition has intensified under conditions of decline in consumer demand. Questions of search of new business partners and keeping reliable partners have become acute in connection of the import substitution goals, which are of great importance for furniture makers. Foreign companies’ interest in this exhibition ground is quite natural as well. Competitive struggle is enforced on all the markets.

Extensive business Program prepared for professionals in furniture and related sectors heightens the interest in this event, attracting even more visitors and exhibitors.

Specially, I’m wishing success in conduction of contests, where the participants find professional recognition. Youth professional skill competition urges to increase prestige of this field for young people and their choice of labour career. Staging of a try-out for National Furniture Industrial Design Annual Award «Russian Cabriole» and choice of contestants should necessarily result in marking the best participants.

Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia congratulates participants, guests and organizers of «EXPOMEBEL-URAL» Exhibition, wishing a great success in its performing and achievement of the goals set.

General director
OOO Deutsche Messe RUS

Dear exhibitors, guests and colleagues!

On behalf of Deutsche Messe RUS I welcome you at the International specialized exhibition of machinery, equipment and technologies for timber and woodworking industry «LESPROM-URAL Professional»!

«LESPROM-URAL Professional» is the largest and most important industry event, aimed primarily at the development of the timber and woodworking industry of the Ural region. The exhibition has proved itself as a successful platform where professionals conduct a fruitful dialogue with partners.

«LESPROM-URAL Professional» reaffirms its status as an international event. At this year's exhibition it traditionally presents a national pavilion of Germany, moreover, representatives of German science and the public will be involved in conferences, seminars and round tables to be held in the framework of the event program.

In conclusion, I would like to thank our partner, co-organizer of the exhibition, the Interregional exhibition company-Ural whose team shows a high level of professionalism.

I wish the participants and guests of «LESPROM-URAL Professional» exhibition successful productive work, positive communication and beneficial contracts!

Rector of USFEU
President of the Ural Union of timber manufacturers

I am happy to greet the exhibitors and visitors to the annual international specialized exhibition of machines, equipment and technologies for forestry and the woodworking industry «LESPROM-URAL Professional».

Today the Ural-Siberian region implements large-scale projects aimed to raise citizens’ life quality. It involves special requirements for competencies associated with specialists and workers. It also leads to a higher demand for new ways how to increase productivity and for up-to date equipment and technical solutions. Our exhibition is a place where professionals share experiences, get new information about equipment and sign profitable contracts with new partners.

The Ural State Forest Engineering University trains qualified personnel for forestry and the woodworking industry. The University has developed advanced qualification and retraining programs. All these boost the industry’s growth and help to find solutions related to economic and innovative development, as well as to accomplish tasks within the import substitution program set by the President of the RF.

I wish effective work, interesting discussions, useful contacts, good luck and success in business to all the exhibitors and organizers.

Director of the Sverdlovsk Regional  Business Support Foundation

Dear participants and guests to the GRAND EXPO-URAL specialized exhibitions!

It is important for our region that the specialized exhibition week takes place at the modern venue Ekaterinburg-Expo in Ekaterinburg.

Woodworking and machine-building are among the most developed industries in the Sverdlovsk region. Therefore we hope that the exhibition will result in signed contracts and cooperation agreements with companies from other regions and countries.

Together with one of this event’s organizer – the world-known business event organizer Deutsche Messe - the Sverdlovsk Regional Business Support Foundation has organized the Matchmaking event for companies from 10 countries. We invite all the businessmen looking for international partners from Germany, France, Finland, Turkey and other countries, to participate in the event on the 21st of September at 10 a.m.

I wish efficient work, a lot of discussions and certainly new customers to all participants and visitors.

To help you develop your business, the Sverdlovsk Regional Business Support Foundation is always ready to provide support in diverse fields: procuration of a loan, assistance in entry into foreign markets, attraction of investments, educational programs and advices. You are always welcomed in our Foundation!

General director
Interregional exhibition company-Ural

Dear colleagues, partners, friends!

Interregional Exhibition Company-Ural welcomes you in Ekaterinburg, at the GRAND EXPO-URAL – specialized exhibition week!

This year, September Industrial trade fairs bring together 207 companies from 8 countries and 44 Russian cities and towns.

I am delighted that you, our dearest exhibitors, have chosen Ekaterinburg as a professional platform to demonstrate your achievements, promote latest technologies and products which you have been improving every year. It is a great honor for us to be your business partner, to help you promote your ideas, and contribute to their accomplishment.

The Sverdlovsk region government’s stand will feature presentations on innovative opportunities of the Ural region and advices on state support for Russians enterprises.

For the first time, we are holding the business matchmaking event, organized by the Sverdlovsk Regional Business Support Foundation in cooperation with Deutsche Messe RUS, during which foreign companies involved in five industries will conduct business meetings with Ural companies.

We have prepared a comprehensive events program within the international specialized exhibitions «LESPROM-URAL Professional» and «EXPOMEBEL-URAL».

«LESPROM-URAL Professional» offers an exceptionally rich events program. We have organized it together with Deutsche Messe in cooperation with USFEU. For the first time the Euro-Asian Timber-Processing Forum will host the extended session of the Federal Forestry Agency of the RF and the General meeting of the Ural Union of Timber Manufacturers, as well as the round table on export potential of the Ural timber-processing complex. The International Conference on Localization and Import Substitution and the International Symposium on Woodworking will open the exhibition’s program.

In addition to the traditional youth competition «Lesorub» («Lumberman») staged at the interactive site, the Best Woodworking Machine Operator Contest will be held for the first time. The contest is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region.

Once again we will host the training project “Furniture Business School” for managers of furniture enterprises. Besides, there will be several seminars and presentations you could attend every day. Qualifications for the National Award for Furniture Industrial Design will also take place at the exhibition.

I wish you successful and rewarding work, useful contacts, new business achievements and success in reaching your goals.

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